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Cherry Switches and Controls

Snap Action Switches


Snap switches are activated by a spring-operated (or “snap-action“) mechanism. Depressing the actuator triggers the switching operation, with a predefined force and travel. The switching speed itself is largely independent of the speed of actuation.

Four types of Snap Action Switches

1. Subminiature

2. Subminiature - Sealed

3. Miniature

4. General Purpose


Panel Mount Pushbutton Switches


Today pushbutton switches, also called interlock switches can be found in various equipment and devices. Their major function is, in case the cover of any electric equipment is lifted, to activate (e.g. refrigerator) or deactivate the power-supply in order to guarantee the safety of the user/technician. These robust switches are available in different versions (single-pole/double-pole) and are mounted by snap-in fixations in the housing or panel.


Rocker Switches



Cherry rocker switches are the perfect choice for economical, compact switching, in current ratings up to 20 amps. They're available in a wide variety of colors, in both lighted and non-lighted designs.


Cherry Switches and Controls

We have these two products - Snap Action Switches and Panel Mount Pushbutton Switches. Click Cherry icon for more information.


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